Join us at 3 PM on August 7, 2023 to become a part of an incredible “Coffee Flight” experience hosted by our special guest Roast Story Coffee Roastery.

We understand that coffee is not only a drink, but a social ritual that brings people together. We work with leading baristas to host a regular series of coffee sessions for the community, providing a platform for people to connect, share their stories, and learn about the art of coffee-making.

In Dubai, The Grey has evolved into a distinctive destination where extraordinary and influential individuals, as well as renowned coffee brands from all over the world, like Irina Sharipova, The Gold Box, Kiss the Hippo, Cypher, and more, have the opportunity to come forward and exhibit their offerings. By doing so, they introduce UAE residents to novel flavors and the ultimate coffee experience.

Prior booking is required due to limited spot availability.


The Grey serves an array of international cuisine, from breakfast dishes such as eggs and granola to lunch options like burgers, salads, and pasta.

There’s a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options across our food and drinks menus.

The Grey serves high-quality specialty coffee, with a focus on single-origin beans and unique brewing methods.

Whilst we don’t have a Private Dining Room, we are a popular choice for exclusive hire and can accommodate these requests depending on the required dates.

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